Brushing of Inox steel

In most cases the surface will be “prepared” by finishing tools consisting of combined flaps made of cloth and abrasive fleece. Such tools allow a rougher abrasive process and have the ability of a sort of light deburring, before tools consisting of abrasive fleece only – available in various hardness – are used to create the final surface desired.

The customer is the one deciding on the kind of surface required and depending on this the said tools made of fleece of various hardness (“coarse” up to “very fine”) are applicable. In any case: as long as Inox steel is concerned, abrasive fleece containing Aluminiumoxyde is required. Abrasive fleece containing Silicon carbide is much less applicable due to small ferrous particles very often being included. Such ferrous particles can be transported into the surface during the abrasive process and suddenly rust will be found on the surface of the Inox steel……

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