Grinding of metal surfaces

This means grinding of metallic surfaces by use of grinding tools such as contact wheels with different working surfaces and abrasive belts (“Belt grinding system”)

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Brushing of Inox steel

Brushing of Inox steel, also called “polishing” or “finishing” is a kind of surface treatment having enlarged its application due to the higher use of Inox steel during the last years.

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Quick deburring of aluminium profiles, shaped aluminium parts or work-pieces having been cutted; done by use of tools made by KEMPER-KONTAKT.

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Smoothing and deburring of molded parts

Smoothing and deburring of molded parts by use of the ORIGINAL-KEMPER®-Sanding star. One of its main characteristics is the cool abrasive process making it applicable for thermoplastic materials as well as for GFRPs.

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