Information about self-expanding abrasive tools type Radix®

Self-expanding abrasive tools series Radix® are universal elastic grinding- and polishing tools which find their application mainly in the field of belt-grinding in areas where belt-grinding machines, due to size or other problems, are not applicable. For this reason they are used with workshop machines, hand-operated machines or machines with flexibles shafts.

The single segments of the cushion are expanding due to the centrifugal force during normal workspeed, which enlarges the diameter of the tool. Without any effect to the true running of the tool the grinding belt is for this reason definitely kept in position. After stopping the tool, the belt can easily be changed, thus changing the entire machine from a belt-grinder to a polisher in short time e.g. To realize this, a minimum speed of 25 m/sec (max. 36 m/sec.!) must be ensured.

Radix® tools are available in a number of versions: Radix® GO with oil-resistant rubber-cushion either 40° or 60° Shore for high abrasive effects and Radix® VSDN with a soft 45° Shore cushion made of foam for the very elastic abrasive process. As shaftmounted tools Radix® MS with rubber-cushion or Radix® VS/MS with foam cushion and 6 mm or 8 mm shaft regularly at stock.


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