Radix® VSDN/16 M14 - Expanding Tool for angle grinders

Radix® VSDN/16 M14 100 x 50 x M14

Special-grooved, very soft and active expanding roller with continous pressure during the entire working process, no air refilling required.

Fits to abrasive belts 316 x 50 mm

Rpm.: 2800 - 3700


Folded Finishing Wheels for hand-operated grinding-machines

Satifix® FRW 125x100x19 mm

Satin finishing roller with hole 19mm and 2 grooves 6x2mm, applicable for tarnishing, satinizing, structuring and smoothing. The folded version achieves a surface free of seams and enables even non-experts to do a good job. The higher diameter requires less pressure, realizes a better surface And ends up in a more effective job.

More material:

  • less pressur
  • better surface


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