Contact Wheels with foam cover made of Vulkollan®

Contact Wheels with elastic cover made of Vulkollan®-foam or regular soft foam

Highly shaped workpieces – particularly such consisting of comparatively smooth metals as e.g. brass – require very flexible cushions of the contact wheel used for the belt-grinding process. Even extremely soft contact wheels with a rubber surface are not appropriate.

It is for this reason that cushions made of Vulkollan®-foam are in use and generate successful results. The grades of softness of such wheels reach from abt. 20° up to abt. 55° according to Shore A. This offers the possibility to produce contact wheels for all realistic applications which can then be used to achieve the best possible result .Main fields of application are found in the area of the fittings industry.

Contact wheels series Ventiflex® H and series Ventiflex® N are covered with PU-foam flaps. These wheels are even more soft and flexible than wheels series ELAX® VSDH and ELAX® VSDN and offer a much cooler abrasive process. They are applicable for extremely shaped workpieces and are used in combination with grinding belts of “J”-characteristic.
In respect of the cushion hardness a variety of abt. 25° up to 45° Shore A is available. Particular requirements can be met by use of PU-flaps and normal foam-flaps alternating with each other: series Ventiflex® HH.

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