ORIGINAL-KEMPER®-Sanding star for quick deburring within seconds

The use of the most favourable speed (indicated as “Rpm opt.”) is a “must” in order to achieve the high flexibility of the Sanding Stars which is a condition in order to gain the best deburring results. Even highly profiled sawed parts are deburred within seconds without visible small reminders of wire (which often happens with the use of woven wire brushes) or invisible reminders (very often with the use of nylon brushes) which either must be blown away by compressed air or are inconvenient for further galvanic processes or even make them impossible sometimes. Dimensions of work pieces are not affected by correct use of the ORIGINAL-KEMPER®-Sanding star.

The grinding and polishing machine STARMAX® neo can be integrated into the working process as a single machine, the work pieces being brought to the machine either automatically or by hand. This decision is made according to the local technical conditions.

The cost of the small investment into a STARMAX® neo machine can be neglected in view of the high result of rationalization.

The ORIGINAL-KEMPER®-Sanding stars, connected to the stationary grinding and polishing machine STARMAX® neo present the flexible and economic solution within the range of lower or medium series below large industrial equipment used for bulk series of production.

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